Use Cases

Ready-to-run environments in seconds via your IDE or CLI

Stay in the flow by getting the environments you need while working in your favorite IDE or anytime via CLI, so you can keep building, testing, and delivering incredible code. You only need to use one simple command to get an environment you can actually use, quickly – all without context switching, without having to sift through a bunch of different configs, and without having a bunch of conversations for stuff you don’t really care about and just slow you down.

Because you want to keep the code flowing, we’re always ready to spin up ready-to-run environments at your command, in seconds, whenever and wherever you are in your workflow.

Automatically synched, automatically deployed test environments

Build and deliver working code today instead of diagnosing and debugging problems that have already been solved, but you just couldn’t have known that yet, you’ve been busy. Too often this is simply because it just takes way too long to get the environment you need, and even if the delivered environment itself is solid (which you can’t always count on), it’s too often already out of date!

So you don’t have to think about this, we automatically keep environments in synch with your source control, CI/CD pipeline activities and cloud services, so you are always working with the latest and greatest.