Welcome to the Torque Blog

Welcome to the Torque Blog

Welcome to the Torque Blog – a digital gathering place for those working in application environments.

Hi, Y’all!  

I’m Ronak, Community and Developer Relations Manager at Quali.  

If you’re looking for help automating environment creation (whether within your CICD environment or with a near prod environment on your local system) – you’ve come to the right place!.  

Quali created Torque specifically to improve the reliability in cloud computing. The Environments as a Service platform for public cloud infrastructure lowers costs, boosts performance, and enhances security and governance.  And I’m here to introduce you to Torque and connect you to its rapidly expanding community of users and contributors. 

The Torque community provides one-click access to the information and support you need to leverage cloud automation: 

While you’re free to access the above on your own, please reach out to me directly if you need additional help or assistance. I’m here to make your experience as productive as possible.   

Happy declarative environment creation with Torque!  



email: ronak.r@quali.com

linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronak