Bringing Quali Gifts for AWS re:Invent - Torque

Bringing Quali Gifts for AWS re:Invent

Hey Y’all,

Finally—re:Invent is here. Our first big live event in almost two years. I’m very excited to see how this all plays out. (Plus, how great is it to get out of the home office,?)

The Quali R&D team gave me a cool present that I’ve brought to re:Invent – brand new features in Torque Enterprise, plus, the best present of all: the release of a free version of Torque, the SOC II Environment as a Service, which allows you to create a blueprint of your unique environment and reproduce it quickly to meet your application development demands!

New Features include:

  • Free tier – All of the features of Torque for smaller teams and limited environments. Free! Free! Free! No strings attached.
  • Custom tagging – Environments consist of infrastructure that you create in the cloud, and business analysis / reporting depends on tagging that infrastructure. Torque allows you to build that into your environments, so that you never forget to add tags.
  • Cost visibility –Torque provides full transparency into the cost of your infrastructure (and let’s face it: for leadership, the bottom line is still the bottom line).
  • Terraform ingestion –With Torque, you can create native blueprints from your Terraform modules, or you can call your terraform modules from the services portion of Torque blueprints.

Stop by the Quali booth, I can’t wait to (re)connect with you while giving you real Texas-made swag and demonstrate how Torque can fit into your CICD pipeline.

If you’re attending re:Invent virtually, I’ll miss seeing and but you can still check out Torque for free.